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Capps Earns Key Endorsements from the Honorable Janet Wolf, Susan Rose, Doreen Farr and Gail Marshall


Santa Barbara, CA.

Today the four former supervisors who have represented the areas of the newly configured 2nd district – and understand best what is required to do well at the job – have thrown their strong support for Laura Capps. The Honorable Janet Wolf, Susan Rose, Doreen Farr and Gail Marshall served with distinction over the past few decades, strengthening environmental protections, public safety and the services families need. Their endorsement underscores the significant backing Capps has as she enters the race. Previous endorsements include Rep. Salud Carbajal, Fmr. Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson, DA Joyce Dudley, Councilmember James Kyriaco and James Joyce III. More will follow in the days to come.

“For decades, these four leaders guided our county forward and worked collaboratively on behalf of the people they served - as women are especially able to do. I am honored to rely on their counsel and look forward to following in their footsteps to address the urgent issues we face today” said Capps.

Statement by Honorable Janet Wolf, former 2nd District Supervisor:

“I endorse Laura Capps for Supervisor because of her proven accessibility and ability to respond effectively to community concerns. Given the new boundaries of the district I represented, it is key to be able to meet the needs of diverse constituencies. On the SBUSD school board, Laura has represented the families of Isla Vista, Goleta, Eastern Goleta Valley and Santa Barbara and shown a strong commitment to their well-being during unprecedented times. And as someone who was born and raised in Goleta and Santa Barbara, I know she'll work hard to protect our families for future generations.”

Statement by the Honorable Susan Rose, former 2nd District Supervisor:

“In the divided political world we live in, SB County needs a Supervisor who will stand up for what she believes in. One who will fight for issues affecting our neighborhoods and our families. As a strong female leader, Laura Capps will support programs that bolster our social safety net and protect the environment. She has stood up for us on the School Board and will again when she represents the Second District. All of Santa Barbara County will benefit from Laura's election.”

Statement by the Honorable Doreen Farr, former 3rd District Supervisor:

“As a Santa Barbara native, Laura has repeatedly demonstrated over the years her passion and dedication to serve the people of Santa Barbara County. Her current service on the Santa Barbara School Board has showcased her ability to work collaboratively with other board members to solve problems and provide excellent constituent service to diverse communities. She will make a fine representative for the people of the Second District on the Board of Supervisors.”

Statement by thee Honorable Gail Marshall, former 3rd District Supervisor:

“As supervisor, Laura will be a champion for the environment as our climate crises becomes more urgent. I support her because of her proven track record of implementing tangible solutions to mitigate the impacts of climate change and set us on a more sustainable future. As someone who represented UCSB and Isla Vista, I look forward to her leadership there, knowing of her long-standing connection to the campus and her dedication to students and their future.”


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