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Says Capps Will Bring Decades of Experience to Address Challenges


Santa Barbara, CA.

Today former State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson, an impactful leader known for extensive legislative accomplishments, has given her strong support to Laura Capps’ candidacy Her endorsement builds upon the announcement of Congressmember Carbajal’s support on Tuesday, the day after Capps formally entered the race. And it will be followed by many community leaders who have chosen her to represent the area where she was born, raised and has lived for three decades.

Below is the endorsement statement by Senator Jackson:

“These are challenging times for our county. We need an effective leader who will bring decades of experience, an impressive track record of accomplishment, and a steady and thoughtful hand to address the complex and challenging issues we face.

Laura Capps is that leader. With her years in the United States Senate, the White House, national and local nonprofits, and service to our local schools, she has the policy and governing expertise to guide us forward. I am grateful she is stepping up to run for supervisor and will work hard to see that she's elected."


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